100 Black Men, Inc. as a sign of solidarity.

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100 Black Men of Tomorrow Program is Seeking Youth Applicants.

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What we do

The absence of positive black male role models is having a negative effect on our youth. We provide the face of a man that our kids don’t see when they go home at night. We take kids with no hope, who could easily end up in jail or somewhere on the streets and make them positive contributors to society. We provide direct involvement with a young person on a sustained basis. As real men who have had some success in life we feel it’s our duty to help the underserved. One of the ways the 100 BMOGC works to improve the quality of life for inner city youth is by giving them opportunities, and opening their eyes to different avenues.

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2nd Wednesday of Each month
3rd Wednesday of each month.

27801 Euclid Avenue Omni Park Building Euclid, Oh 44132

100 BMOGC Gala - October 20, 2018

100 BMOGC Mix & Mingle - December 17, 2017

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